Custom Single Bobblehead

Our bobbleheads are Q-version dolls. This means, the head is larger (or disprorportionate) to the body. Please see more gallery images for reference.


For Double Bobbheads: use this ordering page.




The sculpture is made of polymer clay. After baking and finalization, polymer clay has similar property to plastic and has a certain degree of toughness. Confirmed by material test, the product would not be affected by temperature, humidity, and will never deform or fade.

Size and Weight

Each full body human figure sculpture is about 23cm height and 10cm wide, sculpture of children is about 12~18 cm depending on age. Each sculpture weighs 0.7~1 lbs (350 grams) on average. 




Over the shoulder hair length can only be FIXED.

Bespoke Process

Our sculptures are completely bespoke. Each sculpture is unique and irreplaceable. The draft will be ready in 1-2 weeks after we receive your order and photos. Then we will modify the draft according to your feedback until you are fully satisfied. Shipping will take an additional 1-2 weeks.


Props or Accessories 


Extra and must be separately added to your cart. 

Photo Requirements

Please provide a face picture with clear facial features, including clothes and shoes, as well as extra accessories. The character’s head and clothing can be from different photos and even a different person. Simply specify and let us know.


Average delivery time is between a week to two weeks after shipping.


Custom Single Bobblehead

Eye Color
Hair Color
  • Photos must be properly labeled with your name and, if possible, also submit main/primary photo for the head. And full body photo that needs to be replicated by Shiba Design Studio artists.

    Please upload your photo using this link. You may submit your photo(s) and add instructions/notes, at checkout.